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Members Mail Answered

Date:      09/13/2005
Kevin Hetzel is Godzilla
Subject: Response to Grants Response to

Original Submittal:


And what does Grant do now that he does not live in the flat as hell mid America------ DRIVE!!!!! That's right. I watched the boy gain 3000lbs in one instant. Simply amazing. I want it noted for the permanent record that unlike Grant------------ I LOVE BUSH!!!!!!. ; )




Oh boy, here we go.

American Road Cycling has it on good authority that people have even been sending Grant and the boy(s) at Stinkature Silos ads for "pant stretchers," so there may be some merit to the 3k lb statement.

American Road Cycling would also like to take this moment to ask people if they could please refrain from making obscene sexual gestures at our expense. LOVE BUSH indeed!


Prequel at: Alt Fuel 01


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