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Complimentary American Road Cycling Advertisement for
The Bicycle Doctor
(Rich Cruet)



Racing, Mountain & Hybrid Bikes
Local Club & Trail Access Information
(sometimes pushes SlingShot up a hill)

30 East Main
Middletown, NY

(845) 344-1414


The Bicycle Doctor (Established: 1989)


Editor's Note: Although American Road Cycling does not accept paid advertising and sponsorships, any impromptu pushing of SlingShot up hills is always gleefully accepted and richly rewarded...usually with mere appreciation. But when Rich Cruet recently helped SlingShot up a hill on a group ride, it was time for extra payback.

Oh yeah, click here for one of Rich Cruet's regular rides The Grind, plus don't miss the description of this ride in the Spin  Bitch Chronicles as THE DOCTOR IS IN.

On 01/10/06, American Road Cycling noted that somebody arrived at the  events page as the result of an MSN search for The Bicycle Doctor. Since they did not browse further on the American Road Cycling web site, they missed this page with the contact information. Subsequently the name in the ad above was switched from "BICYCLE DOCTOR THE" (as found in the phone book listing it was taken from) to "THE BICYCLE DOCTOR" which is a more logical search text. That change coupled with the four repeats of "THE BICYCLE DOCTOR" on this page, should help search engines bring browsers directly here. Might as well add another 'Rich Cruet' just in case.

On 05/11/06, SlingShot included the photos of Rich Cruet getting ready for the Thursday Trail Side Ride to his (The Bicycle Doctor) complimentary ad above. While SlingShot was at it, he checked to see how the Google searches were returning and found that a search for "Rich Cruet" placed this page at the very top, and also a search for "The Bicycle Doctor" placed this same page at the topódespite numerous other instances of "The Bicycle Doctor" occurring around the world. In order to keep Rich Cruet's returns at the top of search pages, SlingShot decided to add this paragraph which includes a few extra mentions of "The Bicycle Doctor." Get it?

Actually, MSN is a little behind the curve on this, so another mention of Rich Cruet, and The Bicycle Doctor in Middletown, NY (Orange County) couldn't hurt.

As of 06/28/07 American Road Cycling has whipped the search engines into shape, and this page is being returned at the top of all search engine returns for "Rich Cruet." You don't even have to mention "The Bicycle Doctor."

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