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04/01/2009 - Check before showing up. Mostly historic interest only.
Rides now posted via e-mail or  Chatterbox.


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NYWedWeeklyAll INFO GoWednesday Kain 12:00 AM Any place, any time. Well, ok only on Kain. Basic
2/1/2012 5:48:06 AM
NYWedWeeklyAll INFO OffFlorida Time Trial 06:00 PM The OCBC Wednesday Time Trial is back!

(Actually, 1st & 3rd Wed)

Tom Folkl4/6/2012 7:30:23 AM
NYWedWeeklyB/Poker INFO CancelledHump Day with R&R 06:00 PM Classic 17 mile mid-week OCBC favorite. 16 - 20 miles of scenic hills in the Warwick and Sugarloaf area. Ride geared toward PP and B ride levels. Charlie Brown4/6/2012 7:42:28 AM
NYWedWeeklyA INFO GoByran's Bikes 06:00 PM This is a ride for A riders, sharpen your skills with the boys from Verge and Bryan's Bikes. No crying if you get dropped....just work harder next time. Frank Lovell4/28/2006 12:04:00 AM
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