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Humberto Cavalheiro Fanzine
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Not the end of great career!
04/21/07 at the Hump

Humberto Cavalheiro is one of America's premiere cyclists. He is a long standing competitor and top personality in the world of cycle sport. Beginning at an early age Humberto Cavalheiro was one of the leading U.S. junior competitors, and he raced against such cycling luminaries as George Hincapie, Tyler Hamilton, and the 7-Eleven Development Team among others. His love for cycling remains unabated.

If you had 'em, we'd flaunt 'em too!

For Humberto, his bicycle is the fine brush of an artist: his attention to the details of a ride is the care assumed of a chess master.

In fact, in his early years, Humberto Cavalheiro was known to work with George Hincapie to orchestrate breakaways that stuck in New York and New Jersey races during the years of both their early development. And that is just one example of his talent in the sport of competitive bicycle racing that Humberto Cavalheiro has exhibited throughout his career.

Although it may be more likely people have heard of George Hincapie, in part due to his involvement in the team that made Lance Armstrong a household word, Humberto has himself garnered and maintained a rabidly loyal following of cycling fanatics.

The Humberto Cavalheiro Fanzine that is hosted here by American Road Cycling is meant to provide a repository of Humberto's history and anecdotes of his life in cycling for all those many fans who know and love Humberto Cavalheiro and his cycling exploits.

We will begin with a few photos:

This first photo is near to the time Humberto used to work with George Hincapie as they orchestrated breakaways that stuck in Pro races in Manhattan and New Jersey.

At mid-ground under red pointer with yellow jersey is
Humberto Cavalheiro.
In foreground with SOMEC helmet is a very young
George Hincapie.

Next photo is the starting lineup of a race, followed by a close-up zoomed in of Humberto (looking left out of photo) near Tyler Hamilton (head down on the right).

Humberto (looking left) near
Tyler Hamilton (head down right)

This final photo is of Humberto in the midst of teaching a 7-Eleven Development Team rider how to get around a turn more quickly.

Humberto (nearest)
7-Eleven rider (inside on turn)

The photos above were also used in the 06/30/07  American Road Cycling article about the legendary Saturday morning group ride (actually a race without numbers) called The Hump.

The following photos are a few from the archives that are waiting for us to gather more detailed information.

At this point we know one thing. People sure do like to chase Humberto.



Below are two photos, submitted 07/05/07
by Matt Kleiman. His email is copied after.

Humberto, 1988
Race Start, 1988


Here are 2 photos. The first is of Humberto his first year as a 'senior' racing in Central Park. The second photo is a different angle of the same photo that you have on the Humberto page.

from left to right:

Aaron Newland (not Tyler Hamilton)
George Hincapie (14-15 yr old national champ)
Paul Pisani (7-11 Development Team) -- he won this race
Jonas Carney (7-11 Development Team; 16-17 yr old national champion)
Matt Kleiman (me)
Doug Corey (teammate with Humberto)
not sure who is in yellow
Rob Chuvala (teammate with Humberto)
Trevor Silvera -- far right

As far as Humberto as a racer "back in the day," do not believe anything he tells you. He is probably too modest; he was incredibly talented and VERY strong.

Thanks again for creating the website. I got an email from Joe Ball and think it is really cool.

-- Matt Kleiman

2009 Riding with the Pros in Portugal

Diga queijo !


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