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Silver Sprint inbound, Strava Segment

These training notes moved over from original KeyTap Memo in order to gain more screen space and achieve a more flexible free-form development. Using Camp LaGuardia segment to establish pace setting procedures for the final Silver Sprint performance, and using various other rides for variation with related specific power, cadence, pace, pedal engagement, and shifting skills intervals. More at: CPS STRAVA.

BTW: I need to add SlingShot Keytap here to help Googlers find me from afar.

Goal for the Silver Sprint segment is
3:48@400w (1.9 miles @ 30.1 mph)
The above goal represents a mild Cat 3 man's performance
 according to Allen and Coggan charts.

Bob Fugett (SlingShot) quotes:

"Don't train until you can win. Train until you can't lose."  —SlingShot

"For training: Speeds are incidental. Power is the thing."  —SlingShot

Most recent post
Thursday, Oct. 4, 2018


   Fewer watts for every mph
   Less torque for every watt
   Fewer bpm for every newton
   Less effort for every bpm

07/27/18 (following post to be keep on top with more recent dates below)

I was trailing behind when I saw the Widder get pissed-off
and hunker down like she does.

Looking like a crouched dung beetle, she started working with the same intensity.

If you don't know about dung beetles, they are pound for pound
the strongest creatures on the planet based on power to weight.

Much like Widder.

Greg Tsoucalis has seen it and pulled his own segment to guard
like holding a cross up to a vampire.

Ok, now here is some extra Widder nonsense because she went out on her own
today and earned it.

Mary, I found your lost three seconds!

They were in the section after you got pissed-off and burst over 300w for 9s
while settling into your "That wasn't going to get me my QOM!" mode
which completed the second half of your 2nd Place finish with a 262w average
(not to mention the 22s of 277 mixed in).

Immediately below is the pitifully lacking Strava record where I have left
the cursor just after the glitch happened:

Widders 2nd Place (all-time women)

See the little dip in your rpm just before the cursor?

Why it happened can't be seen on the Strava graph because there is not enough granularity.

So below I have posted that very moment shown in PowerAgent analytics software:

Click to enlarge

See it?

That was a massive shifting error, and you never recovered from it.

Though you did manage to peak to 23.2 mph right afterwards, it was too late.

Your power dropped and never recovered.

During my review of this I think I also figured out Strava's screwed up
mph logic, which gave you a faster speed online than your head unit
with speed sensor measured on the ground.

It appears Strava is ignoring your bicycle speed sensor
and applying its own guesstimate based on standard GPS
process which generally states, "Oh my god, I lost her for a moment.
How did she get over there? That must mean she was going..."

As Jocelyn Linscott so aptly put it, "Strava's always drunk."

However, it makes sense (I guess) if the goal is to stop people from putting
in any wheel size they want just to appear faster than Widder.

In any case, now that you've got 'em all comin' and goin', being
fully established on top of the All-Time leader boards for women,
(both directions) we can focus on the big fish... Andreas (Andy Fink).

You need 25.71 mph plus the hope Strava actually sees your true
elapsed time of 56s when you do it.

You need:

    292.5 w (time/distance/Camp LaGuardia segment)
      79.0 w (24.2 ft time/climb/weight)
    371.5 w total

Given the numbers you spun today for your near Queening, this is very doable.

Especially if we get you anywhere close to where you were
before the cancer, fibroids, impacted tooth, cancer again,
lyme's, death of your father, uterine ablation, death of your dog,
cancer again, death of your mother, cancer again and double mastectomy, etc.

Did I mention you did today's 1:12 into a headwind with 3 fewer watts than calculated?

Take off another couple of pounds, and you will need even fewer watts.

In the meantime, we will start you on a 400w regimen right away.

Lucky girl, I need 450+. [actually 526, see below]

Good, with that over may I get back to my own performance, please?


Now back to B's Camp Laguardia with simplified tracking.  

--- hold ---
WID'S BEL B @195 lbs
59s =
20.75 mph / .34 mi + 41.8 ft climb =
195w + 206w
401w tot
20.75mph avg

try start 22mph
(must be 22 avg at final bump)

1) on segment get 60s @401 first
2) after 401 achieved fine tune start 22mph
        assume must be 22 at final bump
crt 401 time:
50s @401 - 08/11/18   136 [115/144] bpm
42s @405 - 08/10/18   136 [117/145] bpm 
39s @401 - 08/09/18   137 [121/148] bpm
crt 60s watts:
386 - 08/13/18   138 [116/149] bpm
379 - 08/01/18   136 [113/149] bpm
Steady incremental improvement impossible to gauge without power.
Most recent post immediately below (current project outlined above)


10/04/18 SHRT LP
Quick check
PR 30s @485w on Hicks
State School: 27+ at start of first hill & 23.01 avg over top
felt almost old-timey strong
nxt: 30s @500+ as prep for 60s @401

    Silver Sprint inbound
        5 m @230w
        all else slow easy extended warmup and cool down
    5 m @232 (5:18 @230)
    full 5:58 Segment watts calc'd as 189 but actual was 224
        Strava also saw 5:58 thus 9s off PR
        prv PR was only 184w due to drafting Paul Labrie
        today possible headwind, definite inefficiencies
        start speed Strava 5.6 mph, Bs click 12.84 mph
        assume clicked both start/end late due time match
        there were numerous breaks in maintaining watts
        notably very sketchy performance aft uphill tightened
    BONUS: 163 max hr

Promised tailwind never materialized but had planned to focus
    on  watts just in case, so success!

Must start/stop timer earlier for better Strava match
    the wide grayed out portion of blacktop too late for start
    probably closer to the rock at end would be better match
    (but Strava is all over the place all the time anyway)

    Wid's Iron
        test yesterday's reconnaissance theories
            start easier (20s@400 not 24s@418)
            stay seated
            smarter shifting
            smoother spin
            don't coast at top
    ride title: "Called my shot and sunk a quintuple banked PR on Wid's Iron"
    time: 11 seconds faster
    leader board placement
        All Time:   +44  → 80th
        This Year: +11  → 20th

1) started with 20s@409 not 24s@418
2) stayed seated
3) quicker, smoother shifts
4) smoother more consistent spin
5) did not coast at top
A quintuple bank shot called and sunk.

Strava Analyze Effort screens shown immediately below:

Above left    09/01/18: yesterday's reconnaissance of Widder's Iron
Above right 09/02/18: put in action yesterday's theories

NOTE: Be aware the top 2 riders on the All Time leader board
             were really on an older version of the climb which appears
             to have happened in group rides where a blind junction
             was jumped at upwards to 30 mph then a stop sign
             was blown through at the top in order to rush into traffic
             on 17A at over 16 mph by way of another blind hard right.

             After Mary's first attempt of that older segment, I looked
             at the situation and said, "No way, Mary. You are not allowed
             to do that. Pull your own segment which starts and ends
             with rational safety in mind."

             From rider #3 on (Andy Fink = Andreas Runggatscher), people
             have been using the safer segment.

             Even so, today I was greeted by a farm tractor trying to pull
             into me from the blind junction while a car coming down the hill
             squeezed me closer to the tractor. Guess I got lucky at the top.

             I'm done with taking this segment seriously until I lose another
             30 lbs, seriously.


    SHRT LP (of trouble)
        5x20s @500w
        continue building on moments of smooth strong
    Failed 3 of 5
        21s @529 Wid's Bel
        16s @517 Bel/Lak
        19s @450 Wid's Iron
        20s @504 Lower Wisner (to 25.3 mph)
        20s @441 State School (to 26.8 mph)
    Need to improve quick shifting for jumps
        otherwise moments of smooth, square, strong increasing
        weight dropping



This morning Mary got a PR and moved up a slot
for a difficult climb on the All Time women's leader board ,
and in so doing she also confirmed the validity of the



It was requiring the use of my two calculators (Power to Weight
and Power Climbing) plus a proprietary spreadsheet for speed
vs time over distance in order to decide which QOM Mary takes next.

I got tired of redoing the endless multi-step calculations, so my newly
programmed calculator combines all functions in one easy step.

Happily, it allows quickly changing weight values, so I clearly see
why the times to win all these one or two minute Segments seems
so mundane.

They were all eminently obtainable when I was under 150 lbs,
even with my significantly lower most recently measured power.

Power meters aside, my morning bathroom scale check remains
my most valuable measuring device.

Quick progress note
Day before yesterday I had a nearly PR on Upper Wisner (1 sec off),
but Strava saw my turnaround to start and waiting on cars as being
"on course", so there was no record of it.

I would have had a 1st for the day (until Babikian showed up later of course).

In any case, I decided to try again the next day (yesterday) and that effort
was 3 seconds off my PR, and I was truly wasted afterwards, but I decided
to just start the Lower Wisner and try a 300 to the first drive despite my baste.

I used the obligatory downhill start, and on Lower Wisner at 32 seconds
my average was 327 watts and 26.84 mph while pacing 25.80.

This year I have done 389 for a minute, so I was well on my way to getting
a significant PR plus getting on the Strava top 10 All Time board.

Then tragedy struck as my e-gears self-shifted, and by the time that was over
my running speed was down to 19.8, but I figured I still might get a PR.

I sucked it up, overworked, and got my minor PR, but what a massive
tail-wind while pissed-off opportunity missed.

    Camp LaGuardia test progress with tailwind
08/15/18 - 1m17s @339 144 [131/148] bpm  94 [82/106] cad (no wind)
07/14/18 - 1m16s @333 140 [129/143] bpm  91 [76/115] cad (tailwind)
    Non-existent tailwind, but I was 1st for the day on the segment.
    Note that the people below me are all the top real-deal competitors,
    especially Carole Olinger who is on rollerblades and who consistently
    beats big strong younger men on their bicycles.


Above left is the leaderboard for 08/15/18 on Strava.

I titled the ride: "Faster 'n FinK Andy on Camp LaGuardia, just 2s
shy of kicking 4 people off all time leaderboard."

Above right shows my effort was very consistent and 1s off my PR
(compared above), and it reveals I performed about as perfectly as possible.

Maybe I could have come onto the course a littler faster, but I was juggling
with my new technique for clearing the goddamn Garmin start lap pop-up.

I found I can clear it by starting the lap while on my secondary page
and immediately clicking over to my main page.

That gives me immediate access to the most important current and average
data, but I will have to get better at the double click and do it before the
start of the segment.

On the good side, I'm happy to see I did not ease up too soon at the finish,
so I will implement clicking a little earlier and not trying so hard to exactly
match what Strava sees for time (wait till uploading it at home to confirm).

I made sure I was fully under the bridge before clicking, and today I saw 1:20
during the ride being happy it was 2s below what would have been a PR a few
weeks ago, not to mention this time I had a little left at the end.

    Wid's Bel
        Rush out to test 50s @ 401 before rain
    another inadvertent PR
    3x Wid's Bel repeats failed but Poweragent caught a PR at 60s
    which happened on first 50s attempt with approach
        60s @386 (7w more than 2 weeks ago)

    floor exercises
    Wid's Bel
        45s @401
    start all segments at pace
    50s @401
        into slight headwind, surprising 8s improvement
            with a little less effort (see bpm above)
            need improve cadence after up-shift
        floor exercises do help
        felt stronger throughout SHRT LP, and got rained on
             began all segments at pace with shutdown at 30s > 1min
        Set M up with her own calculation process, and she really gets it! : )


floor exercises
    Wid's Bel
        40s @401
    42s @405
    then fartlek SHRT LP;
    4x jumps
        05s @630 [668]
        06s @653 [748]
        06s @584 [675]
        09s @575 [678]
    tested Lower Wisner approach from Wisner
        hit start at 26.6 was done at 47s with 25.18 avg but still 23.25 at 56s
    PR for "jail" due low hanging fruit, tested approach frm State School hill
        hit start at 23.7 mph [25.0 max] / 17.7 avg
        was 3:17 both Strava and my click
floor exercises were helpful; after jail... was done, done

Dte Set: 07/31/18
Goal:      56s @ 526w
Plan:      20s repeats @ 632w
Calc Goal: (56s /.47 mi = 30.21 mph) + (195 lb / 24.2 ft climb = 123w) = (403w + 123w = 526w)
 *Allan/Coggan states 1 min @526 if 195 lbs = P/wgt of an
Untrained Man
Calc Plan: 20s @ (526w + 20% = 632w)
 *on flats with no wind, else rollers
Logic: The plus 20% power requirement provided in 1967 by Coach Elvin King per training for running sub six-minute miles by doing quarter mile repeats at 75s while monitoring heart rate with a stop watch. Everyone who did it that year succeeded with sub five-minute times (or very near), and Coach King went on to an illustrious career teaching college athletes who were themselves very successful competitors and who also chattered on incessantly about their "numbers". As of 07/31/18 the numbers above seem just as impossible to me as the sub six-minute times did to the London High School runners in 1967, so only time will tell for this possibly "long term" goal, but I have always been surprised how quickly the "impossible" is achieved with a committed consistent effort following a rational plan of logic. Thank you, Coach King.

    Camp Laguardia
        Ad Hoc attempts while A/C installed Endico studio
all fail after first shut down due Ryan with Myles at finish
    was 1st ride for 5 year old Myles without training wheels, HRT 3.5 miles
        1) 35s @ 424
        2) 30s @ 421
        3) 43s @ 356
        4) Bank Street: 42s @ 397

floor exercises/stretching
        1) 4 rep Rocking Chair > 750 (Garmin p. 2)
        2) 5s @ 700+ (Garmin p. 1)
        3) 4x 10s @632w
    a) back press only
    0) ad hoc PR 60s @379 due after bypass pre start Wid's Bel at 20+ mph
            goal to hold 40s of 20+ succeeded with 40s @368 for 20.02
    1) Rocking Chair: 710, 718, 770, 767, 721, 781
            was disjointed but obviously improved form throughout
    2) FAIL 5s @ 700+ : 659
            not enough torquing cranks, too much pedal stomping
    3) FAIL 10s @ 632w : 9s @605, 9s @557, 10s @520
             not enough torquing cranks, too much pedal stomping
             good to know these will build some strength

    SHRT LP tastings
         4x 632w
         22 mph start of Wid's Bel from bypass track stand
    765, 734, 717, 791 (obviously 632 was too conservative)
            also did a 5s @698 and 10s @677 which are new power pedal PRs
            prv 5s PR 752 on Suncoast Trail: stood, threw chain, never tried again
            never had a recording for 10s due old PowerAgent app did not provide
    Ad hoc @230 try/succeed State School Road (PR 4:33, 21.15mph)
    Wid's Bel 22 mph start = total fail, no way to safely position off bypass
            try M's build from White Oak Drive over railroad tracks
     Idea for new game: Rocking Chair
             medium effort, pop 700/800+, ease up, pop again, 4-6 repeats
             setup Garmin page with Lap Max Watts for less distraction

    SHRT LP tastings
         4x 632w
         22 mph start of Wid's Bel from bypass track stand
    765, 734, 717, 791 (apparently 632 was too conservative)
            also 5s @698 and 10s @677 which are new power pedal PRs
            prv 5s PR 752 on Suncoast Trail, stood, threw chain, never tried again
    Ad hoc @230w try/succeed full State School Road (PR 4:33, 21.15mph)
    Wid's Bel 22 mph start total fail, no way to safely position off of bypass
            try M's build from White Oak over railroad tracks
     Idea for new game: Rocking Chairs
             medium effort, pop 700/800+, ease up, pop again, 4-6 repeats

    Wid's Bel - 1x  26s @450
2x attempts @450
    1) Wid's Bel - 1x 15s @453
             but 39s @406 with
             PR Wid's Bel = 1:02 (7th All-Time)
                 Oops, I dumped Widder off the leader board
                 which is not going to be good for me.
    2) Bel Lakes - 1x 32s @450
PR Calculated Watts:
    175w time/distance/Wid's Bel
    194w time/weight/climb
    369w total
PR Measured Watts:
    338w (tail wind 6 mph; Strava gave 343w)

I assume the Bel Lakes attempt was more successful due to my being
warmed up; plus I approached very easy before turning onto the start.

nxt: for better time on Wid's Bel jump pace on downhill off bypass.


Wid's Bel
Plan:     1x  ?s @ 450
1x 25s @ 453



Plan: Camp LaGuardia - hit curve at 18+
               set pace 20s @ 500w ETA 23+
               recover in situ while holding 300w to finish
               (wouldn't mind a tail wind but don't need it)

Result: txt

Simplified 30s@450 tracking until consistent

Legend:   avg value [min/max]      N/A = not applicable

Date   ??              


Wid's Bel
Bel Lakes
Camp LaGuardia


watts cad mph ETA HR


1x     hold 30s


450 120 whatever   whatever


1x     set pace ?s


? [?/?]  ? [?/?] ? [?/?]   ?s ? [?/?]


1x     hold ?s


? [?/?]  ? [?/?] ? [?/?]   ?s ? [?/?]




  Simplified tracking 30s@450 till consistent


    *************** *****     ***********      




Failed with 30s@450 on Camp LaGuardia and haven't achieved
a consistent success with that on any course, so will focus on
starts of Wid's Bel and Belvale Lakes with Camp LaGuardia
starts on rest days until consistent 30s@450.

Also upgrading floor and stretching exercises.

Today's Camp LaGuardia failure in part due to fumbling timer
start 3 times (which can be seen on Poweragent but not Strava).

Bank Street was a little better but that many watts on such
a steep slope is considerably more effort (torque).

Took 7 seconds off Clayton Delaney Cog Railway (Bank
Street) which was a function of better gearing alone since first
attempt was 4 days ago.

The final secret with regard to 450 failures was that my current
30s @ 458 occurred after a 20s @ 528 while dropping to a 200
hold experiment on the Camp LaGuardia segment 06/26/18
which is not found as a single interval due to having clicked
to track 200 after the successful 528.

Going to be harder to more efficiently target and hold 450.



Thank goodness I have on-bicycle measured power because today
I did Wid's Bel 1 second slower than my PR, but my accomplished
strength was significantly greater.

Today was 364w@145bpm, but my PR speed is only 328@137.

Stated more simply (watts/heart [max]):

    364/145 [150] today
    328/137 [143] PR

My performance was 1 second slower today but significantly stronger.

Without measured power (on-board), I'd think I'm getting weaker.



Note for Mary re: Camp LaGuardia as interim toward
#1 all-time Silver Sprint inbound

At your weight (122 lbs) you numbers are:

163w flat
  59w rise
222w tot (for Camp LaGuardia 1:15 = #1 women)


Examination of the Camp LaGuardia segment to date
(my 07/14/18 time of 1:16 puts me in 7th place all-time)

Here is how one plots a performance (like my successful boarding):


At left above is my triple iterations of build, re-assess, and try again
for which no strength or stamina training was required, only skill
assessments based on data provided by Strava matched
to my own PC version of PowerAgent analytics.

Above right is the performance of the current all-time segment leader,
and the chart reveals several things: 1) his power is being guessed
by Strava, 2) he was pulled into the performance by a teammate,
3) the overall average speed quoted by Strava is bullshit.

[ERR CORRECTION: 09/18/18 Andreas confirmed the performance
 above was all on his own (not pulled by a teammate), he does ride
 with a power meter (so watts were not Strava guesstimate), but
 the overall average speed quoted by Strava remains bullshit.]

Be aware that there are currently 5 riders tied for 7th at 1:16, and each
has a different average mph quoted for the same time and distance.

For the #1 spot, simple math for time vs distance gives an average
speed of 25.26 mph, not the quoted 29.1.

Given a climb of 24.2 ft over .4 mi, the watts calculated with my own
calculators are in line with Strava, so at least Strava uses correct
formulas (disregarding the fact that Strava is routinely off by .2 mi
in every direction).

Still, I now have enough data to attack the #1 spot, and that will entail
another round of builds, re-assessments, and tries again.

The plan will include techniques based on the following data:

425.9 ft
450.1 ft
  24.2 ft climb

290w dis/t
123w added for elevation (@195 lbs)
114w                                    (@180 lbs)

413w tot (dis/t/elevation @195 lbs)
404w tot (diss/t/elevation @180 lbs)

A windless day with no drafting is assumed.

This time around I will have to add some strength work.

Next on tap, extending my 450 watt intervals through 35,
40, 45, 50, 55, and 60 seconds.

To anybody who thinks I have foolishly given away
enough information for them to be able to beat me,
forget it!

I never compete against individuals (I could care less);
I only compete against human potential and gauge my
training accordingly in order to extend that potential.

If some other person ever proves that human potential
allows for a faster than 57 second performance
to be had on the Camp LaGuardia segment,
I will just adapt and beat whatever time that may be.



Plan: Since the 06/28/18 fail 2 more rides then possible kidney stone,
           or muscle cramps due heat, dehydration, and overwork
               Camp LaGuardia: 20s @ 500w set pace, then shut down
               Silver Sprint inbound
                    20s @ 500w set pace, then shutdown for 3x3s for strength
                         (3x3s are 3x repeats of max wind sprints through 3 gears)
                         (actually did 4x today)

Result: Fail 20s @ 500w, got 479w but ETA still 22.5 mph, would like 23+
              Camp LaGuardia all time leader board now interim mini-project
                  need 21.5 mph, so must improve set pace to 500w/23+ETA  
                  using 3x3s for strength building with pedaling skillwork


Plan: Up the Camp LaGuardia start to 600w but for only 12s then hold 300w.
           Was shocked to PR last effort (unpublished) with only a 200w hold.
           Was over 24 mph in 12s, so a repeat with 300w hold not unreasonable
            especially with an 8s earlier shut down of set pace (despite the 600w).

Result: Fail due shifter issue and trail traffic
              maybe impossible due left hip/knee
              bailed to 3x 2m @ 250w with 3rd a 1:33 due trail traffic


Plan: start Camp LaGuardia with my now standard 15s @ 500w
           but drop immediately to a sustained 200w to see how long
           it will take to recover (almost did that 06/25/18 but allowed breaks
           in the performance so over-recovered but was still only 10s off PR

Result: Yowsa! Big success. New PR (unpublished on Strava)

Date   06/26/18              


Camp LaGuardia time


watts cad mph ETA HR


1x     set pace 15s


500 100 whatever   whatever
        hold to end


200 100 whatever   whatever


1x     set pace 20s


528 [354/672]   99 [ 92/108] 23.26 [20.25/24.36]   12s 147 [139/155]
        hold 1min


216 [    0/295]   88 [   0/102] 18.24 [17.13/20.96]   153 [151/156]




  Heart rate started recovering immediately after 20s @ 528w.
    Then held 1min @ 216 for a new PR by 1s (didn't mean to).
    The 528w was actually 539 at 18s when I eased up to pat
     myself on the back.

Transition from "set pace" to "hold" a little raggedy,
    lost 2s overall including one reluctant downshift
    which I should have done right away after set pace

Did I mention my HR started dropping immediately
     and after getting up to only 156 bpm?



back to chester time


watts cad mph ETA HR


1x     hold 2m @ 235 2m


235 100 whatever   whatever


      hold 2m3s


237 [    0/437] 100  [    0/104] 23.90 [20.25/25.80]   146 [127/151]




  Needed to confirm I've got 2m @ 235 for Widder,
    so I used a downhill section coming back to Chester.
    As always, speeds are incidental and power is the thing.

Overworked the start with 30s @ 358
    (stupid, showing off, revealed a glimpse at my strength)
    *************** *****     ***********      




Plan: HRT Full loop with M, enforced recovery, only 1x 15s @ 500w as start of Camp LaGuardia segment
          work on technical pedal engagement

Result: 1x 18s @ 501w

Date   06/25/18              


Camp LaGuardia time


watts cad mph ETA HR


1x     set pace 15s


500 100 whatever   whatever


whatever 100 whatever   whatever


1x     set pace 18s


501 [407/622]   99 [ 93/112] 20.51 [16.43/21.85]   18s 125 [118/132]
        hold 1m33s


241 [   0/622]   90 [   0/112] 17.57 [15.63/21.85]   132 [118/137]




  Widder had a personal best into the wind on the Silver Sprint outbound segment.

She did it with a 170w avg, which is 4 watts below her old 1-hr, but it is still a good start on moving forward toward her 30mph pace; plus in the meantime it bodes well for retrieving her old 5min @ 236w (which at 123 lbs was a Power to Weight of 4.23 - Cat3 for MEN).

Thus Mary is, "Clawing her way back," as Dr. Art said last week.

As for me, I almost broke with my enforced recovery by trying for my own PR after giving Mary a 1/4 mile head start (staying out of her way), but I couldn't help chasing for a moment until I realized my average was only 21.9 (and I refuse less than 22+); plus my running pace was only 21.9 (hard to build from that position); otherwise it still would have been a PR, but I had no desire to be under 22 with so much effort into the wind.

Fuck that shit.

Mary was also aggravated by the headwind, but apparently she has some overwhelming need to beat me, so she succeeded in beating my own PR by 7s despite her massive QOM yesterday on the Hasbrouck ITT circuit, where she was only 9s off the all time women's effort for the hill climb alone.

She too was supposed to be having a recovery day, but like I said, she lives to beat me.

    *************** *****     ***********      





Plan: SHRT LP dispersed 3x 15s @ 500w;
              1) Wid's Bel, 2) Lower Wisner, 3) Wid's Hicks
                  No PR attempts on Wid's Bel until a seated start
                  of 15s @ 500w leaves me frisky and/or my move
                  up in the ranks won't drop Widder off all-time boards
                  for both women and men.

Result: Wahoo, the games begin.

Date   06/24/18              


SHRT LP dispersed time


watts cad mph ETA HR


3x     set pace 15s


500 100 whatever   whatever


1 Wid's Bel 17s


501 [400/582] 104 [ 98/112] 18.95 [15.24/21.04]   17s 120 [110/132]


2 Lower Wisner 19s


533 [414/658] 103 [ 87/113] 24.61 [17.97/28.91]   19s 121 [113/131]


3 State School 15s


469 [356/593] 105 [ 95/116] 25.05 [20.68/26.65]   11s 125 [123/129]


4 Hick's 11s


538 [393/724] 114 [ 96/132] 15.10 [7.51/20.77]   11s 111 [108/118]



Dorms Hill

  8s   410 [615/685] 109 [0/126] 14.17 [12.07/15.09]     5s 113 [109/126]




  Obviously power is a lot more than pure strength because I certainly did not get this much stronger in 2 days, but I did get a lot more clever with gear shifting, pedal engagement, and cadence control.

Added the State School start after deciding some day I will turn my focus to that segment, and I may as well be in the habit of starting strong.

    *************** *****     ***********      





Plan: HRT easy recovery ride:
              1x 15s @ 500w at start of Camp LaGuardia
              (distracting Garmin prompts off)

Result: Lost focus on Silver Sprint outbound and ended up
              with a 2nd Best plus a PR inbound. Oh well, at least
              I tried to go easy.

Date   06/23/18              


Camp LaGuardia time


watts cad mph ETA HR


1x     set pace 15s


500 100 whatever   whatever


1x     set pace          6s


507 [427/582] 84 [ 69/91] 18.64 [17.70/19.66]   6s 121 [119/123]



Silver Sprint out

  5m19s   212 [0/310] 93 [0/108] 21.33 [19.26/23.19]   134 [109/144]

Silver Sprint in

  5m58s   198 [0/488] 93 [0/102] 19.18 [10.77/21.81]   136 [118/145]


  Fucked Camp LaGuardia by standing at start; lost too much wattage to recover after bungling the sit.

Fucked the easy recovery by losing focus and getting a 2nd Best Silver Spint outbound, and a PR on the Silver Sprint inbound, though Silver Sprint inbound is non-representative of effort/watts due to latching onto the wheel of the guy who was standing on his phone at the turnaround.

After I finished hard breathing at the fence, I said, "I'm just going on easy, recover, and let you catch me to pull me back."

I did find out that stopping to lean on my handle bars gasping for 1m8s before turning around did not impact my measurement vs what Strava saw. Strava didn't start recording until I started moving back despite standing in the start zone. Rode without Strava prompts on the Garmin but came within 1s both directions of what Strava saw.

PowerAgent analysis software makes a lot more of the slope than it appears on the ground.

    *************** *****     ***********      


Plan: 3 x 15s @ 500w
           1) Wid's Bell, 2) Lower Wisner, 3) Hicks

Result: It's all good

Date   06/22/18              


Wid's Bel time


watts cad mph ETA HR


      set pace  


    touch 22.00    
  3x     hold 15s


500 100 whatever   whatever


1 Wid's Bel   9s


506 [452/563]   95 [ 90/105] 18.64 [17.76/19.12]   9s 121 [117/126]
  2 Wid's Bel alt 17s   482 [420/563]   96 [ 90/105] 18.16 [15.49/19.12] 11s 122 [113/130]
  3 Lower Wisner 15s   536 [419/621] 106 [ 95/114] 21.03 [17.20/23.75] 15s 116 [107/127]
    Hicks 17s   505 [409/636] 101 [ 91/118] 20.79 [13.30/24.00] 17s 113 [104/125]

Bonus Dorms Hill

  5s   559 [410/640] 120 [113/123] 14.17 [13.63/14.59]   5s 108 [106/111]


  Missed the first 15s @ 500 due to mistaking average for current watts and eased up trying to figure out why I couldn't pull more than 485 watts, but at that moment I was really hitting 563... 485 was my average.

Second 500 was almost perfect: high cadence, low heart rate, 15 seconds ETA to 23.75 mph. After achieving terminal velocity with 500 would only require 250 sustained effort to hold pace.

Dorms Hill is the short hill near the old prison dorms before the quick downhill to the railroad tracks, excellent chance to test a quick spin cadence burst.

    *****************       ***********      


Plan: Possible Thursday night ride from Chester Train station, or 25s @ 400w on Camp LaGuardia segment

Result: Hijacked by Twin George, Doug Alan, Bob Wells, and Alister in Joe-Fix-It's parking lot but succeeded with 400 watt interval on the Camp LaGuardia segment afterwards.  Heart rate was still not near max'd on the segment. Met Alister, young guy interested in power records on my handlebars; gave him a CPS card and on returning home (and getting M's ok), renewed registration for CyclingPerformanceSimplified.com, so Alister wouldn't get lost if he looked it up. [He has been getting bad info about power.]

Date   06/21/18              
Segment   Camp LaGuardia time


watts cad mph ETA HR


      set pace  


    touch 22.00    
        hold 25s


400 100 whatever   whatever


      @400 33s


403 [308/488] 96 [90/105] 20.69 [16.84/22.02] 20s 134 [115/147]


  My goal of holding 25s @ 400 w was achieved (actually got 33s) with heart rate not nearly max'd and also observed that top speed of 22.02 mph had ETA of only 20s. Bodes well for taking that KOM.


Baselines @400 watts for Wid's Bel vs Camp LaGuardia segments

Date   06/19/18              
Segment   Wid's Bel time


watts cad mph ETA HR


      @400 38s


400 [208/529] 98 [88/109] 19.94 [15.63/21.62] 28s 134 [115/147]
Date   06/20/18              
Segment   Camp LaGuardia time


watts cad mph ETA HR


      @400 24s


401 [313/510] 95 [91/102] 20.31 [17.32/21.42] 18s 134 [115/147]


  This compares the full time at the goal watts of 400 from Wid's Bel and Camp LaGuardia segments and establishes the baseline toward the calc confirmed workout goal of 1m@ 400w for a solid all time leader board on the Camp LaGuardia segment; both performances were done without focusing on the time @ watts aspect just to get some basic data; next will be attempts improving the 400 time such as currently 49s for Wid's Bel and 25s for Camp Laguardia @400


      Wid's Bel 49s


    Camp LaGuardia 25s




Rest day with one quasi effort
See if (despite slope) a mild 250 w for entire Camp LaGuardia brings me above my current 15.8 mph PR
As for Mary, a turnaround on the Silver Sprint inbound with a jump-start to 22+ for data evaluation

Date   06/18/18              
Segment   Camp LaGuardia time


watts cad mph ETA HR


      set pace N/A


        hold whatever


250 100 whatever   whatever


      set pace 19s


290 [89/452] 94 [84/104] 18.4 19s 113 [108/122]
        hold 1m27s


253 [86/373] 94 [83/108] 18.44 [16.84/20.50]   137 [113/144]


  Garmin gave me 6 more watts because it caught the effort 2 seconds before
I clicked my interval, and during that two seconds I had hit 452.
Man, was I PISSED when all the garbage cleared off my head unit,
and I saw I was already pacing over 400 [well above the planned 250].
Anyway, it still seems that the Garmin/Strava/current metering situation
does everything possible to HIDE people's true effort while deflecting
with distractions enticing bad behavior. Fuckers.

I told Mary, "Well, it is what it is, and our job is to develop work-arounds
that are actually helpful (as always)."

    Silver Sprint

time @ watts cad mph ETA HR
M's Jump       set pace 25s   171 [0/331] 71 [0/106] 22.85 25s 142 [131/150]

Summary: Below is a graph showing Mary's right sacral joint in full failure while she brought her average speed into a headwind up to 18.5 with only one leg after ignoring my instruction, "You're on the edge with your back, so just taste 22+, and shut down."

I guess I shouldn't have told her when I hit a PR of 18.5 on the Camp LaGuardia segment.

She just thought she was having trouble holding her watts because of the wind, but when she finally caught me at the end of the segment (where I was still soft-pedaling after my tailwind Silver Sprint PR on the way out), she said her right Favero power pedal had stopped working because her head unit was showing 100% left, 0% right.

She said, "It stopped working right after my jump to 22."

So I gulped a thought, "Yeah, a trouble free day with Mary would be too much to ask," then out loud, "Get in your hardest gear, and push as hard as you can on the right."

She said, "Ok, it showed something but not much."

I said, "Try it again harder."

She chirped as her right hand reflexively slapped onto her right sacral.

"I told you, you've been overdoing it! You are going straight to Dr. Art."

I could put together a cycling master class on the chart below (and yak about it for an eternity); but you, dear reader, will be able to figure it all out on your own.

Notice how her heart rate continues going up even as her power goes down which is something I could explain, except they took away my Torque measurements in the fear somebody might learn something.

Suffice it to say, Mary was actually working harder as the watts were going down, and a Torque measurement would show that.




Easy Short Loop testing new e-shifters
Wid's Bel
500 w int on Hick's

Date   06/17/18              
Segment   Wid's Bel time


watts cad mph ETA HR


      set pace  






      set pace 13s


384 [284/431] 98 [93/102] 17.64 13s 125 [121/130]
        hold 1m13s


305 [0/431] 95 [0/104] 17.33 [15.38/18.83]   141 [121/149]


   Took the all time best geezer performance (66-69), beat the best of Andreas for this year
Hicks 500       set pace 17s   477 [389/643] 104 [83/120] 22.85 17s 122 [117/130]

Summary: Set pace of 22.85 mph on Hicks in 17s ending with 130 bpm.

Sent Mary the following email:

On Hicks I arrived at 23 mph with 30 pedal strokes in 17s and a final HR of 130 bpm.

Recoverable wouldn't you say?

Maybe try 15 hard standing strides in a big gear counting your strong right, 1, 2, 3... etc, shifting along the way.

Then you can settle into a comfortable 235 watts with your seated muscle groups somewhat rested.

Don't wreck.




Taste pace to get on Camp LaGuardia All Time Leader Board (21.1)
Re-confirm stop on turnaround ok for Silver Sprint
Go easy while gear shifts remain a significant limiting factor
Review TrainingPeaks software as possible Poweragent replacement

Date   06/16/18              
Segment   LaGuardia time


watts cad mph ETA HR


      set pace  


    21.52 max    




      set pace 27s


395 [308/444] 93 [82/104] 19.30 [14.71/21.52] 27s 125 [116/135]
        hold 1m


228 [0/444] 78 [0/104] 17.02 [13.00/21.52]   132 [116/138]


   Start of Camp LaGuardia slightly sooner than I expected, not at top of sweep
but just before the end of final left hand bend; probably just at center of double switch back

TrainingPeaks turned out to be worse than Poweragent and more deflective,
so I will just have to bite the bullet and keep grinding out my own simpler, to the point tables

Summary: New SRAM e-shifters work much better than manual but still not perfect; will need to momentarily drop pedal pressure during shifts though will be much more certain and that situation leaves Mary and me an opportunity for a skill advantage.

Stop on turnaround still works; bobbled clip-in, recorded/Strava 8:24/8:28 not too bad hitting the mark; believe saw why other Go! times were confusing - as soon as moving approaching segment warning pops almost simultaneously with Go!


Goal: Camp LaGuardia
                  confirm start point
                  10s @ 350w
                  1m @ 300w
            Silver Sprint inbound
                  stop and re-group at turnaround, confirm segment still triggered on Strava

Camp LaGuardia
                    start point at end of sweep beginning of straight up
                    10s @ 358w
                    1m @ 303w
              Silver Sprint inbound
                   30s stop and turn, segment still triggered on Strava, clip-in failure caused confusion with "Go!" point

Performance: gear change on Camp LaGuardia caused significant pace drop, clip-in error caused significant confusion on Silver Sprint start; was 2nd time Strava started Camp LaGuardia after sweep

Date   06/15/18              
Segment   LaGuardia time


watts cad mph ETA  


      set pace 10s


350 95      
        hold 1m


300 95      


      set pace 10s


358 [278/422] 90 [86/99] 16.55 [14.59/17.64]    
        hold 1m


303 [204/422] 90 [32/101] 18.19 [14.59/18.97] 15s  



Goal: setup new cadence sensor, make final switch to Garmin as authoritative ints recorder
              test 20s@400w Wid's Bell; 15s @ 500w settling to 200w Lower Wisner, 200w State School
Result: success with setup new cadence sensor and final switch to Garmin as authoritative ints recorder,
                 but museum room lights failed just before going out, and by the time troubleshooting was complete
                  it was too late to go out among the school buses, so went to trail and practiced precision lap
                  starts on the Garmin (first ride with no Powertap yellow cpu's which was very freeing),
                 was four seconds off Strava Silver Spring recording after massive failure at turnaround
                 when I couldn't get back in the cleats of the new P1 pedals; will implement a track stand turn
                 at the trail ending's fence; forwarding planned intervals to tomorrow


Goal: confirm doable 4x 15s@400w with 3m recovery
Result: too conservative moving up to 500w
               plus decided will be last effort using hub
               therefore no more torque measurements  : (

Performance: Due to shifter problems during all attempts did not focus on avg watts during performance though Garmin lap clicks were easy and precise; ints that were shorter than 15 seconds were due misjudging speed that would be achieved thus coming up on trail traffic much sooner than expected — had to bail.

All torque numbers were well under a typical Kain Assault and due to the fact Garmin and P1 pedals do not provide the metric, will simplify and stop looking at it.   Really sad.  : (

Previously have proven that high cadence (if functional) is always more powerful for a given effort - case closed.

That means 400 watts can be very hard or fairly easy, your choice.

date int time @avg W [max W] avg spd [max spd]  avg cad [max cad] avg HR [max HR] recovery time                  
06/11/18 1 15s @494 [704] 20.58 [22.42] 103 [114] 112 [122] 3m11s                  
  2 10s @557 [699] 17.89 [20.68] 107 [115] 107 [115] odd match 14m due traffic                  
  3 11s @510 [592] 20.34 [23.52] 105 [111] 105 [112] odd match                    
  4 wait for gears                          



Goal: txt
Result: txt

Performance: txt

date int time @avg W [max W] avg spd [max spd]  avg cad [max cad] avg HR [max HR] recovery time                  

       int      w     mx w
1) 15s@494 [704] /20.58 [22.42] /
2) 10s@557 [699] /17.89 [20.68]
3) 11s@510 [592] /20.34 [23.52]

nxt: establish ETA to pace plus time till in-race
recovery begins

Have previously done a test of 30s@400w winding down to 200+ average for the entire segment. Experienced considerable recovery during the effort.

-- emo notification for posting --


I ran the numbers on Andreas, and this is very exciting.

Not only will I be able to beat his time on the Silver Sprint TT segment, so will you.

Just looking at the Strava result for Andreas, I saw one absolutely severe weakness, derived one additional possible flaw in his process, and therefore further assume one other very specific dysfunction in his performance.

Of course, the first easily observed pilot error will be enough for our purposes.

Here are my project startup notes.


Problem: "Silver Sprint" is a Strava segment on the Heritage Trail Extension in Monroe, NY which Mary has chosen for her next cycling project because she is 9 seconds off the All Time fastest time for women, and that QOM time is just over 20 mph which is far below her in-shape speed. In the recent past Mary has completed a one-hour solo Time Trial on a hilly course at 19.2 mph

Solution: I will begin precision training for my own 30mph effort (giving me the KOM which is also currently not at a world class speed), and in my so doing we will step Mary through her own process. Her QOM success will come much quicker than my KOM because the top spot on the leader board for women is really quite slow... despite the top women being pulled by top, or close to top, men, men, men, men.

The 1.9 mile segment is fairly flat but has enough pitch for everybody's out-bound speeds to be faster than their in-bound speeds.

The test begins slightly downhill but quickly corrects to uphill with slightly increasing slope throughout, and the most noticeable increase happens just before the overhead bridge crossing at Freeland Street — about ¾ of the way through the interval.

Due to the fact the course is flat, my starting weight of 197.6 lbs will not be my limiting factor.

However, a 30 mph performance will still require 400 watts for 3m48s.

Not necessarily trivial.

Therefore, I will work on 4x 60s @400w spaced intervals and slowly bring them together into a single performance.

Preliminary tests show that 15s @400w (465 actually) is fairly easy with 3 minute recoveries.

See above for progress beyond this baseline.

**** END ****
















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