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Members Mail Answered

Date:      08/20/2005
Chuckie (aka: Tony the Target)
Subject: Tour de Goshen Start Time

Original Submittal:

What time are you planning on starting the tour tomorrow?


The 62 Mile Loop of the Tour starts at 8:00. Mary says we'll be there by 7:30.

Generally the AA's stand around for about a half hour waiting for someone like Dr. Art to finally show up, while Brian Dunlevy stays on the megaphone shouting, "Ok, it's started, you can all go out now!"

But maybe the AA's are always just waiting for enough people to get ahead of them to build a good interest in blasting past everybody.

Now that I've said that, tomorrow they'll probably leave at 7:45 sharp, or something like that. Doesn't much matter. Crazy Mike will probably catch me on the same hill he's caught me on three years in a row.

Does that help? -b


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