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The steepest part of Ridgebury Road is only 9% for .1 mile.

On the other hand, Kain Road has an average Grade of 17.9% for the first .5 mile and an overall average of 14.9% by the finish at .7 mile.

Therefore, moments surely exist that are 19% or better.

You can do the math on your own, but your legs may help you.

Kain Road Assault - start at stop sign and finish at pole

View from finish looking back down .7 mile to
Kain Road  start which is visible right of silos

Slope Calculator - choose Ratio then input Rise and Run (how much higher at what distance)

Elevations (ft)

330' stop sign
795' at break (17.9% Grade avg @ .5 mile)
876' pole finish (14.9% Grade avg @ .7 mile finish)

More coming soon.


Email from Lenny Silver 12/10/2014


You bike up Kain Road???

I'm beyond impressed.

The Bellvale / Iron Forge road had quite a few working dairy farms in
the day.

Sometime in the 17th century the Dutch built the (Al) Buckbee Farm,
now called "Bellvale Farm".

Kain Road did not exist.

Over the years the young men working the farms (perhaps inebriated)
would compete with their wheels as to how far up that hill they could
make it.

After years of attempts for title, someone made it to the top, voila!
Kain Road.




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Core Body Temp
Muscle Elasticity
Nerve Excitation

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