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Updated January 22, 2016 | By Bob Fugett


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In addition to the input provided by all those who have gone on rides with us and were kind enough to kick our asses till we finally did something about it, and all the writers of the books in the references list whose reporting of original research provided the solid foundation for Cycling Performance Simplified, there were numerous individuals who gave special help and insight and must be given extra recognition here.

First are those who provided us solid objective data about their own rides using their own power meters. In order of appearance these invaluable watters were: Humberto Cavalheiro (Turtle Boy), Richard Lawrence (Big Bianchi), Kevin Hetzel (Zirra), Gary Walters (Gary The Bull), Andreas Runggatscher, (TP) Joe Straub, Kevin (Douchebag) Haley, (Crackhead) Ryan Muehlbauer, (Twin) Lynn Meyer. Special mention goes to Dr. Art who did not have a power meter when we began the book but went out of his way to conduct several Individual Time Trials on the Hump course and reported his results helping confirm proof of concept.

Other people who provided critical path guidance were: Dr. Art Donohue (yes, a second mention) for cracking my back that first time in a way that showed without question something could be done to make things right; Dr. Gulak for giving me a resoundingly solid description of the steps he was going to take to make my teeth look like a movie star's—which later proved correct while laying out the plan for me to fix the Widder's (then my own) cycling performance; Lauren Warren for telling us about the Egoscue book and saving me all the time it would have taken to write it myself; Linda Yasek for mentioning Pilates to me in a context (finally) which did not include breast augmentation and liposuction coupled with an eating disorder as the only way to achieve ultimate well-being, thus prompting me to read the original writing to find out I had already read it when I was 14 and was young enough to start calling the exercises calisthenics; Greg Tsoucalas for prompting me to add links to information about the people I mention in About the Author; Dr. Larry Grogin for letting me watch while he cautioned a patient that the path to increased range of motion was even less stretch than I had been crowing about; Clinton Smith for asking three pertinent questions so perfectly written that I had to immortalize them (5657, 5669, 5672) in the Forum.

Of course, an extra nod aside must go to Floyd Landis for taking his power meter to the Tour and publishing the data in his book: Positively False: The Real Story of How I Won the Tour de France, despite the ire and horrible consequences the act of publishing such revealing objective data inevitably brought upon him.


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