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Updated January 22, 2016 | By Bob Fugett


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04/13/13 caveat to Brourman above: The 15 to 20 degree turned out footfall position shown on page 27 (position a) remains questionable, and I am currently coming down on the side of a neutral straight forward footfall (position c). I have yet to find a rational discussion derived from a study of the internal foot structures that is not attached to selling an associated product. Here's the closest to rational YouTube video example.

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(help file)

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SlingShot's  Super Simple Power to Weight Calculator - Now with Race Category, watt to speed and elapsed time to terminal velocity calculations.

Bicycle Power and Speed Calculator - Once there, click on the image of the calculator.

* Cycling Power while Climbing Calculator - SlingShot's Tip: Use 100% grade at .489 mph for how many watts required to bench press a weight.

* Unfortunately, as of 01/17/12 the Climbing calculator has been removed from the web. If anybody knows where it has gone, let me know. In the meantime use my own that I developed to replace the missing link above. See: Power while Climbing Calculator.

Calculator Icon Image taken from: http://openclipart.org/detail/35185/tango-accessories-calculator-by-warszawianka

Slope Calculator - choose Ratio then input Rise and Run (how much higher at what distance)

http://www.sportsci.org/jour/9804/dps.html - supportive of all Cycling Performance Simplified concepts, found 01/21/2011

Newton-meters to foot-pounds (or watt-seconds) - plus a wealth of other unit convertors

Gear Ratios - the late great Sheldon Brown's calculator for comparing gears on all your bicycles

Miles / Hour Pace Calculator - put in your time and distance. Your trip computer is likely off to the high side or just as likely to the low side.

Triathlon Conversion Calculator - miles to km, time to speed, swim, run, bike pace

Saris Watts Calculator - from the Powertap manufacturer website

23+ Widder's Hump - Original study that culminated in the book: Cycling Performance Simplified.

Impulse & Strength - music study process highly relevant to Cycling Performance Simplified


Mary's sciatic & piriformis problem specific exercises



General Exercises

Basic Hip Mobility - led eventually to FMS

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)






Hip Stability




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