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Our Sponsors (NOT)

Due to an irresolvable conflict that the people below have had with SlingShot, each and every one of them, in no uncertain terms, has absolutely refused to sponsor the American Road Cycling web site, though they are mentioned in it often. It appears they are all pissed off, because SlingShot flatly denies them even the slightest opportunity for sponsorship. Says SlingShot, "I am not about to fuck up a good thing by allowing it to be tainted by filthy lucre!"

In any case, here is The List of non-sponsors:



Bicycle Doctor (photo essay)
Chainwheel Drive
Dark Horse Cycles
Joe Fix It's
San Antonio Cyclery


Dr. Gulak, Neuromuscular Dentistry
Dr. John Handago, Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Larry Grogin D.C. LAc. (The Back To Life™ Program)
Peak Performance Chiropractic
Straub's Fitness



Arthur Keys, General Contracting
Boone Wood-de-Signs
Endico Watercolor Originals
Joseph M. Gulak, DDS, FICCMO
McNeilly Wood Products
Van Natta Mechanical Corp.


Editor's  Note: Sorry SlingShot is such a hard ass about disallowing sponsorships, but he is what he is, and nothing can be done about it.

BTW:  "The List" is English for "Al Qaeda," not that it matters.






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